Production of our flour tortillas

At continuation we explain all the necessary steps in the Production of our flour tortillas.
The whole production is semi-automatic and requires special supervision and training.

MasaFoto: SHP

  1. We mix all ingredients to a soft dough.
  2. The dough is weighted and formed to loafs.
  3. Cutting the loaf to obtain the dough pieces.
  4. A maschine makes from the dough pieces small balls.
  5. Two hot iron plates form the tortilla (see photo).
  6. The product is pre baked on both sides.
  7. On a turning band the unit is cooled down.
  8. The tortillas are sorted and packed.
  9. Delivering the product to our clients!

We produce tortillas every day for our clients,
in this way you'll recive a fresh, quality product!